Museum-University Partnership Initiative

The Museum-University Partnership Initiative (MUPI) brought museums and universities together to work towards mutually beneficial aims.

Creating an efficient and effective environment for mutually beneficial museum university partnerships that create societal benefit.

The Museum-University Partnership Initiative (MUPI) was funded by the Arts Council England Museum Resilience Fund and delivered by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) in partnership with the Share Academy project and Paddy McNulty Associates. It ran for two years between October 2016 and 2018, and was built on learning from a sucessful pilot project from 2016. The MUPI pilot project demonstrated how the higher education sector can be opened up to smaller and medium sized museums whose unique collections and engagement expertise are often an underutilised resource, whilst at the same time adding value to the work of the museums involved and contributing to their long term resilience. 

During the two years that it ran, the MUPI project created connections between museums and university partners. Working alongside Museum Development Professionals, 7 regional and 2 National MUPI Match events were held, and were attended by over 200 people. These facillitated networking events brought together museum staff and academics, and cumulated in the opportuniaty to pitch for small amounts of ‘thinking funding’ to explore potential project ideas and build relationships. 77 MUPI Match projects were funded, involving 107 museums and 59 universities. A programme of symposia ran alongside these events, and were an opportunity to share best practice and explore learning from the project.

In addition to the MUPI Match Events, this programme worked with funders to evidence the value that these relationships can have, and created tools to support museum-university partnerships and share the learning from the project. These tools are availble below.

MUPI Resources

MUPI Match Guide

The MUPI match events have been hugely effective at supporting partnership development between museums and universities. In this comprehensive guide, the tried and tested approach is described in detail, including everything you need to create your own match event.

Download the guide.

MUPI Purposeful Partnerships

This card game will facilitate discussions between organisations considering the purpose and priorities of their intended partnership.

Download the cards.

Download the instructions.

Download a spare set of blank 'wildcards'.

MUPI Conversation Starters

A sliding scale activity designed to stimulate conversations between partners about the nature of their partnership

Download the cards.

Download the instructions.

MUPI Partnership Planning

A set of cards to help people explore partnership development, suggesting actions and resources to help manage each stage of the relationship.

Download the cards.

Download the instructions.

MUPI Extra Resources

There extra resources have been developed to support the MUPI Partnership Planning Cards. 

MUPI Do we need a partner? 

MUPI Ending a Partnership

MUPI Example Letter of Agreement

MUPI Guide to In-Kind Contributions

MUPI Guide to university KPIs

MUPI Intellectual Property

MUPI Jargon Busting Activity

MUPI Museum Jobs Decoder

MUPI Sharing Learning

MUPI University Jobs Decoder 

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