How do you visualise culture change?

It's not too late to participate in the NCCPE's new competition, Images of Public Engagement 2018! We're inviting all our colleagues and partners to celebrate the NCCPE’s 10th anniversary by helping us capture the breadth of fantastic public engagement work taking place throughout UK.

Here in the NCCPE office we've enjoyed receiving all your fantastic images and have been feeling inspired! Our team held it's own mini competition, focussing on the Culture Change category. It is a real challenge - how to capture the essence of culture change in one image?

Let us know what you think below, and of course remember to submit your own entries by Monday 16th July.

Bringing culture change to life

Chosen by Heather Lusardi

"I chose this image from a session delivered by Dominic Galliano of SEPNet during our Engage Academy in May this year. During this session Dom brought his personal story of culture change to life, with the help of hazmat tape, coloured paper, and some fearless volunteers from the audience. He illustrated how he made sense of competing interests and worked with others in SEPNet to revise and revitalise their engagement strategy and improve their approach while at the same time keeping a range of stakeholders happy, and ensuring the sustainability of SEPNet.

For me this image, and that session, captures what culture change is about: making sense of complex situations, understanding the range of interests and incentives at play, crafting narratives and communicating clear messages, building coalitions, and getting buy-in, all fuelled by a healthy pinch of passion, commitment and vision."

Culture Change: The Torch!

Chosen by Maddy Foard

"I think of the culture change work we do at the NCCPE as a ‘torch’ - we shine a light on examples of excellent public engagement, and highlight best practice. We try to shine our light as bright as possible, but we can’t do it alone! If we can equip everybody with their own ‘torches’, by sharing learning and expertise across the sector, we can illuminate the darkness together…"

Reward and Recognition

Chosen by Laura Steele

"Dr Rosie Gilbert and team celebrate winning an NCCPE Engage Award in 2016, for their ‘Eating for Eye Health’ project.

Reward and recognition can play an important part in culture change in higher education. If people feel that their career prospects are not improved (or are even sometimes jeopardised) by engaging with the public then many of them will choose not to. Through programmes like the Engage Awards we can demonstrate to staff and students that their public engagement work is greatly valued, and inspire others to get involved."

Get involved

Feeling inspired? Think you can capture culture change in an image and caption? Or have a great image of engagement in practice? Then don't forget to submit your entries to Images of Public Engagement 2018 by Monday 16th July 2018.

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